Top Gun

₹75,000 ₹69,900 Inclusive of GST

Huse Player

₹90,000 ₹79,900 Inclusive of GST

Huse Junior

₹23,000 Inclusive of GST

Huse H2O

₹59,000 ₹53,200 Inclusive of GST

Huse Slick+

₹66,000 Inclusive of GST

Huse Slick

₹55,000 Inclusive of GST

Ninebot Kickscooter F20A

₹45000 ₹40,500 Inclusive of GST

Ninebot Kickscooter MAX G30P

₹83000 ₹74,700 Inclusive of GST

eKickScooter Zing E8

₹37300 Inclusive of GST

Ninebot KickScooter Air T15

Ninebot S Max

₹1,20,000 Inclusive of GST

Segway Mini Pro

₹75,000 Inclusive of GST

Ninebot Go Kart Pro-2

₹ 2,80,000 Inclusive of GST

Ninebot Go Kart Pro-2 Limited Edition

₹2,99,000 Inclusive of GST

Ninebot Go Kart Kit

₹1,40,000 Inclusive of GST

Sitting Scooter

Huse Slick

Buy Quality E-Bikes Online In India At Huse

Evolving demands require the latest innovations that modernize transportation. HUSE was born out of the need to keep the planet in mind first. Products with sophisticated and aesthetic designs that are durable and environment-friendly bring this vision to reality. HUSE is an electric bike company in India that provides sustainable mobility solutions. The need of the hour in a world tackling climate change is to be able to travel in a world where one doesn’t need to worry about their carbon footprint. Mindfully-crafted electric vehicles with cutting-edge technology have shown the answer to those who want to travel responsibly. As a combination of sustainability and reliability with performance, HUSE brings to you futuristic electric bikes that are so smooth and next-level that they make you feel like you are unstoppable and let you flow freely as the wind. HUSE enables easy commuting across cities and communities like never seen before. In association with Segway, HUSE has paved the way for premium environment-friendly bikes available at affordable rates.

Why You Should Choose HUSE As Your Electric Bike Company for Shopping E-Vehicles

Because it’s high time we get #SimplyMoving in comfort and style. The obvious benefit is to beat traffic congestion and reduce carbon emissions in urban regions. HUSE brings a new look and feel to daily commuting by making it easy, simple, effective and most importantly – ecologically sustainable. Electric bikes by HUSE are not only fuel-free, but are also fun to use in your everyday life. They’re also a great way to bring consistency to your fitness goals. HUSE provides easy access across various routes and roads for basic day-to-day travel. Time to say bye to needing to bring out the car for a trip to the grocery store down the road from your house. As an electric vehicle company in India, HUSE brings forth a wide variety of quality products to suit your needs and requirements with excellent value for money. This makes it a great transportation solution in a post-pandemic world for those who want to avoid public transit. In addition to using only real, high-quality branded equipment, HUSE provides timely deliveries and various pre–payment options to choose from.

Types of E-Bikes Available At Our Online E-Bike Store

HUSE boasts of a wide range of products for everyone to use. As premier electric vehicle dealers in the country, this includes self-balancing scooters, kick scooters, go-karts, and more so you can get #SimplyMoving.