Segway Ninebot Go Kart Pro-2 Ferrari Edition

₹2,99,000 Inclusive of GST

43km/h Max Speed

25 Km Range

100 Kg Payload

IPX 4 Water Resistant

Drift Outside and Indoorsr

Experience an immersive gaming experience and join the digital world Connect your Go-Kart to a computer, drift outside and indoors wirelessly and transform it into a racing simulator.

360° Haptic Feedback

Get real haptic feedback for in-game collisions and more. Feel vibrations responsive to your in-game surroundings all within the GoKart Pro2.

Automotive Grade High Strength Steel Frame (HC420)

15% Decreased Front Frame Weight

110% Increased Front Frame Rigidity Collision Protection. Designed with three levels of protection, to keep you and the GoKart Pro 2 safe.

Adjustable Chassis – Fun for all

Expandable Chassis that can accommodate people of all heights ranging from 4.3ft to 6.2ft.