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Segway is a world leader in mobile transportation. Founded in 1999 by renowned inventor Dean Kamen, Segway has always endeavoured to provide its customers with high quality, safe and reliable products. Segway-Ninebot is a global company in the field of intelligent short-distance transit and service robots. The company’s business is international, selling products in more than 80 countries and territories. Ninebot has a corporate value of over US $1.5 billion. Segway-Ninebot aims to use world-renowned intellectual property to guide users and the  industry as a whole into the future.

In association with HUSE, Segway has been made accessible to the Indian market with a variety of products and options for those who are looking for durable transportation that are easy on the environment. 

This article details how and why Electric Vehicles by HUSE x Segway are the way forward for those looking for mobility and long-lasting options that are worth the investment. 

Choose a Segway Scooter at the best price

When Dean Kamen introduced Segway at ABC’s Good Morning America, he described the machine as “the world’s first self-balancing human transporter.” You can see what he’s talking about by seeing the machine in action. Unlike the car, the Segway has only  two wheels, which look like a regular dolly, but is self-supporting. To move the Segway back and forth, the rider only tilts back and forth slightly. To turn left or right, the driver rotates the right handlebar back and forth. This balancing act is Segway’s most amazing feature. 

To understand how this system works, it is helpful to look at the human body, which is a model for Kamen’s device and design. If you stand up, lean forward, and lose your balance, you  won’t fall on your face. This is because when the fluid in the inner ear is moving, the brain recognizes that it is out of balance. So, you need to push your legs forward to stop the fall. When you lean further forward, your brain pushes your legs further forward and keeps you upright. Instead of falling, you move forward step by step. The Segway does almost the same thing, except that it has wheels instead of legs, motors instead of muscles, a collection of microprocessors instead of the brain, and a series of advanced tilt sensors instead of the inner ear correction system. Like your brain, Segways know when you are leaning forward. To keep the balance, all you need to do is rotate the wheel at  the proper speed and keep moving forward.

This may take some time to get used to, but when you do – it’s a breeze. Segway Scooters are often a long-term investment for anyone who wants to get more mobile and commute easily – especially in urban settings. 

Types of Segway Electric Scooters Available with Us

Segway Electric Scooters are lightweight, portable, easy to use and safe. The cherry on the cake is that they’re incredibly fun and make for a great workout to add to your daily lifestyle. Thanks to the futuristic design of the Segway Battery and Segway Motor, all you need to do to get #SimplyMoving is to charge for 4-5 hours. That’s it! You’re good to go. 

HUSE offers a variety of Segway Electric Scooters for various needs. This obviously includes the famous Segway Ninebot, Segway Self-Balancing Scooter, Segway Hoverboard and more. Let’s not forget about Segway for Kids because at HUSE, there’s something for everyone. 

Contact HUSE to find out how much the electric bike of your dreams at Segway costs so you can get started with moving towards the future.