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Throttle 97 is India’s most influential car enthusiast group. Originally hailing from Mumbai, Throttle 97 is now one of the country’s most recognised and influential supercar communities. With a fleet of over 150 sports cars ranging from Flat and V6’s, Rumbling V8’s, Screaming V10’s and Deafening V12’s, T97 has achieved the following accolades in the racing community:

  • 500+ enthusiasts at T97rdc 2020.
  • 130+ supercars participated in our annual Independence Day drive, India’s biggest supercar drive, which was aired on national television by Autocar India.
  • Setting the fastest 1/4mile record for a production car in India at TVR 2019.
  • Setting the fastest lap time for a non-racing driver at BIC.
  • Showcased at the Autocar supercar gallery 2018.
  • Showcased at the TVR supercar parade.
Weekend Wheelie
Fun With The HUSE Segway KickScooter E22.
Make Yourself A Priority
Today’s Transport To Workplace 

Celebrity hairstylist Aalim Hakim is one of the first prominent personalities to have joined the growing Segway community in India! His Instagram Reel shows the stylist on his way to work, experiencing the same standards of service and performance on his G30P that he provides to his A-list clientele.