1. Products which are in stock and whose full payment has been done by the customer then the delivery of the product to customer will be done within 5 to 15 days depending on the delivery location of the customer in India.
  2. In case of problem arises in transportation of the product such as return to origin or any similar issues we are not responsible for timely delivery of the product in this situation and we are not liable to pay any refund to customer for the same. However, we will make alternate solution to deliver the product to customer in such cases and delivery time in this case will not be bonded by any particular date.
  3. In case of product is out of stock and still customer was able to make full payment of the product. We will refund the amount to customer within 30 days after the customer has asked for refund.
  4. If a customer is Pre-ordering a product which is out of stock, estimated delivery time is 6-8 weeks for the customer. However the delivery time is subjected to change according to the situation of product in transportation or any other process which the product is necessary to go through.
  5. When Customer has made the full payment of the product which he has pre-ordered after we have send official mail for further payment then shipping conditions will be same as mentioned in 1st , 2nd , 3rd point in shipping terms mentioned above.